Partner Tannery is engaged with ambiental questions, working for reducing impacts to the environment. On this way, Partner is aligned with federal and regional organs wich regulates these questions, with international certification as follows: FEPAM IBAMA Leather Working Group (LWG) To accomplish all this rules, Partner sets its environmental politics in three different pillars: Social Environmental Economic ENVIRONMENTAL POLITICS - Developing actions to ensure that the environmental legislation is being fulfilled; - To improve the prevention of air and water pollution – keep an open dialog among interested parts; - Developing environmental educational programs, encouraging its contributors and from the partner companies, to work according environmental specified rules, in order to avoid impacts; - Adopting management practices to use efficiently natural resources and energy; reduce atmospheric emissions, effluents and waste generation; - Make previous evaluations and reduce environmental impacts of its activities, goods and services.
Phone: (51) 3561.8790 Rua São Luiz, 94 Bairo das Rosas CEP 93601-560 - Estância Velha/RS

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